OFFIDA docg PECORINO BIO This wine is a tribute to the potential of Pecorino in our territory. Straw yellow colour with golden reflections. Complex and intense on the nose, with first impressions of sage followed by floral fruity scents of citrus, pineapple and acacia. Its evolution is gradual in the glass, engaging, with great personality and persistence, sapid and soft, medium-bodied, with citrus and officinal herbs.



OFFIDA docg PASSERINA BIO Passerina is a typical vine from our hills, with a straw yellow colour and greenish reflections, an intense and complex scent with fruity flavours and hints of apple, banana and floral lily. Slightly herbaceous finish. Fresh taste, sapid and soft, light-bodied. Good minerality and aromatic herbs.


Moro Matto

MARCHE igp SANGIOVESE BIO Ruby red wine with purple shades. A very intense bouquet with scents of red fruit, strawberries, cherry and sour cherries. Final notes of chocolate, coconut and coffee. Very soft taste, medium-bodied and no tannin. Very persistent and evocative of red ripe fruit. Chosen and selected in our vineyards for medium age, exposure, soil type, height and restricted production, we choose the best Sangiovese grapes for our Moro Matto.



OFFIDA docg ROSSO BIO Born from the selection of grapes in the vineyard for a high-quality final product. Intense ruby red with maroon reflections. The bouquet is predominantly characterized by fruity notes, small black and red berries, plums and cherries. Floral notes of violet and cyclamen. The long aging in barriques gives it further scents of spices and leather, derived from wood and its processing. To the taste the wine reveals a pronounced but well balanced tannic texture. Lingering flavours for a long finish, with spicy fruity memories.