The RipaWine Families

Proud of that peasant culture that passionately cared for their own land and vineyards in an area dedicated and historically dedicated to the production of wine, with the responsibility of cultivating the best, identifying the quality of its production.
Experience consolidating the relationship between wine culture and respect for the environment. In our land we live, breathe and preserve, because the quality of the environment and the quality of the product are fundamental to the realization of our wines, which expressly express the character and personality of our millennial territory.


Our location

We currently have 105 hectares of vineyards, located at an altitude ranging from 200 metres a.s.l. to 400 metres a.s.l. and divided into estates, each with a precise profile considering the soils, exposure and microclimate. Given the vastness of the vineyards and the different areas, the profiles differ significantly from one land to the other, thus offering a precious mosaic of nuances to the wine. Our goal is to retrieve and enhance the characteristics of local grape varieties according to these differences, and to convey the authentic strenght of the Picene land to our wines.

Estates Le Frasche

The RipaWine Families

Comune: Ripatransone
Località: Canali
Superficie: 14.5 ha
Suolo: Terreno misto sciolto con calcare
Densità d’impianto: 3000 ceppi/ha
Sistema di allevamento: Guyot doppio
Esposizione: Sud Est
Altimetria: 340 slm

The estate also has 400 olive trees, Leccino and Carboncella varieties for the production of Oil.

Le Frasche is the main estate, located in the heart of the Picene wine area, where vineyards are surrounded by a wide natural landscape, just a few steps from the village and not far from the sea.